Who We Help


Elderly Support

The benefits of full-time home care for the elderly are enormous: being able to stay in your own home, with all your own belongings and comforts around you; being able to eat what you like at the mealtimes of your choice; entertaining family and friends; one-to-one care; and a much greater choice over how one lives one’s life and spends one’s days. For more enquiry email us at info@urhandscare.co.uk

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Learning disability

We offer care-support through specialist help from the Community Learning Disability Teams to enable adults with a Learning Disability, who live in Derby & Luton to achieve more in their lives. Our aim is to ensure they receive the support they need so that they feel safe, listened to and supported to live the lives they want to.

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Children and families

If you or your child needs more significant support, contact the children’s services team in your local council for a needs assessment. “Children’s services” is the new term that has replaced “social services”. These services support and protect vulnerable children, young people, their families and young carers or call us to provide the right staff looking after your children with whichever conditions.

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Physical disability

We provide practical daily support which allows our service users to access as many opportunities as possible. We help people with everything from personal care, through to meal preparation, maintaining a clean and tidy home, through to assistance with managing their finances and correspondence. In addition we help our physically disabled services users to lead an active social life, assisting with travel to and participation in their preferred activities.

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Mental Health

Approximately 1.4 million people in England have learning difficulties, with 40% likely to have a significant mental illness. Mental health is still something of a taboo subject, yet at any one time, one in six people in the UK has a common mental health problem such as an anxiety disorder or depression, whilst one in 100 has a severe mental illness, such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.We focus our attention and support on the small steps that lead to a fulfilling and independent future for people with complex mental health illness. We have a wealth of expertise and experience in delivering the right level of individual support and therapy that is fundamental in achieving rewarding outcomes.Our approach is focused on the needs of the individual and maximising their independence as soon as possible. It is our goal that each person we support can live in the least restrictive and lowest cost environment whilst continuing to be able to access on-going support and the therapeutic engagement of a full multidisciplinary team.We provide qualified specialists nurses, care-workers, support workers and domestic to support mental health people, call us today to arange your meeting.

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